Tree trimming and stump removal

We are more than happy to cater to your needs whether you need a tree removal and stump removal or even just having some branches pruned. With even the most stubborn shrubs and trees, our professional tree doctors will transform them  into beautiful, healthy additions to your garden.

We are working hard to ensure all our services are of the highest quality, and just what you’re looking for to make your property look perfect and clean. Our competitive pricing positions us ahead of our rivals.

All of our staff are highly skilled and experienced, and are working hard to ensure that they always follow the proper safety procedures.  You’ll want to find out that the required equipment, insurance and license is held by a tree service provider that you book.

Having a security kit is important to have and is part of the equipment required to perform this kind of job. You do not need a handy-man. You are trying to hire a certified arborist. Especially when it comes to stump removals, you want the stump removed when you have a tree removed from your house. We offer various ways of accomplishing this depending on the depth and form of stump you have.

We can grind the stump out and fill in the hole. There’s no need to have this hideous stump left in the corner of your yard or on the way to your house. We don’t want someone tripping over it and injuring themselves. Give us a call, and let us take a look and give you an estimate of the cost of removing it.

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Florida Tree Service Pros takes care of your tree trimming needs

Sure, removing stumps isn’t cheap or easy to do, because you need to remove the entire stump and its roots, leaving a huge hole to fill. Most companies in your area provide Tree trimming and stump removal services, but most are very costly and don’t always deliver the best result. Make sure to recruit a top company such as Florida Tree Service Pros and if you are considering hiring a third party.

We bring you the best offers in the industry and we promise you the best results. Thanks to our experts and their years of experience we are able to handle any tailoring and removal task. You just need to call us and we will be there in your home in no time to do a tree trim or stump removal.

We are the best, with an aspiration of doing more when it comes to tree service delivery in the following niches.