Tree Pruning Tools

When it comes to Tree pruning tools, the list is not long but neither short. You need to spend some money on the right equipment before considering individual pruning of your trees. Most people go to the local hardware store and simply purchase a pruning shear to prune their trees, small or large. But that is a mistake. This may be appropriate for small trees and shrubs but this is not the case when it comes to bigger trees.

Buying multiple tools is not easy, you will actually damage your tree if you don’t use the correct ones. That’s why we want to list some of the tools you’ll need for tree pruning. Starting with a Pole tree pruner using a brace or an aerial lift, you’ll have to climb the tree most of the time while pruning higher branches. If, however, you use a pole tree pruner, you can do that when keeping your feet on the ground.

The pruning shears however are great for pruning small branches, particularly shrubs and small trees as we said earlier. Do not use it to prune thicker branches or trees and it will hurt even a machine. A long range Lopper will help you to prune a tree, using a lopper when the branches are too dense most of the time will help you reach them without hurting yourself.

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Pruning saw Sometimes you need to apply more energy to be able to cut those branches. A pruning saw is good when you can do that and when the branch you’re about to prune is available. You can prune your trees yourself, but if you’re not sure how to handle it, then hiring a company to do this work is your best option. Florida Tree Service Pros has the equipment on and off.

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