Stump Removal How To

Did you buy a property or a house and there is a stump in the yard? Perhaps more than one? You probably thought when buying the property it would be easy to remove the stumps, but let me tell you it will be hard – that’s why we are experts when it comes to Stump Removal How to.

Most people don’t know that removing stumps is sometimes harder than removing the tree itself. Because of this, they are making the mistake of buying a property where there are many stumps.

Stump removal isn’t something you can do on your own all the time, because it involves a lot of effort and you need to have the right equipment. You will notice this when you try to remove one with no success. What do you do when you can’t take out it all by yourself? Tell a tree doctor or an agency that you can’t do this. It’s when most people realize at this stage how costly the service is. Cutting down the tree as well, even more so.

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Florida Tree Service Pros – How We Remove Stumps

You can remove a stump if it is small. To do it right, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Dig around the trunk/stump, in that way you will expose the major roots.
  2. Cut the major roots from the stump using a chainsaw. You can use a handsaw as well.
  3. Pull out the roots you just cut. If you need to cut more, do it carefully.
  4. Once you remove the roots, it’s time to pull out the stump using a digging bar.
  5. When you removed the entire stump, make sure to fill the hole with loam or sawdust.
  6. Dispose of the stump and clean the area. That’s it!

When we have removed the whole stump, we make sure to fill the hole with loam or sawdust.

Arrange the stump, and make the place clean. There are a lot of ways of getting a stump removed. So don’t be surprised if more techniques are found online.

This is the simplest and most popular one. When it comes to small stumps it works incredibly well. However, the procedure you employ to remove the stump depends on its size and condition. If the stump is high, don’t try to take it off yourself and make sure you get in touch with a company that knows Stump Removal How to in Florida.

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