Chemical Or Stump Removal

There are many ways to remove a stump from there. Most gardeners choose to use the traditional ways: dig the stumps and the roots, cut the roots and take them back, then throw out the whole stump. This technique is not too cheap because it requires a lot of work although it sounds easy.

Instead they’re trying to offer their customers a cheaper solution.The use of Chemical or Stump Removal is quite popular right now, because it is cheaper than digging and dragging the stump out. In fact, most people ask the companies explicitly how much it is before they could even suggest anything else.

How’s it working out? Well it takes years to put a stub to death. Literally, it may take two, five or even ten years; that is the main reason why people always manually remove them. To be honest, waiting for 10 years is a lot until the stump is finally gone. Experts decided therefore to use chemicals that would speed up a stump’s deterioration.

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Florida Tree Service Pros – Use Of Chemicals For Stump Removal

Depending on the size and condition of the stub we simply need to prescribe the appropriate Chemical For Stump Removal. There are many chemicals suitable for removing stumps. Afterwards the team has to determine which one is best for your stump. It’s cheaper as you can see, because it’s more about applying and waiting to remove the stump that they won’t have to work very hard on.

The downside of this approach is that removal of the stump takes longer, and if it’s a live stump, don’t expect it to die in just a few days. If you want to speed up the process, the dead parts can be removed every now and then, and the chemical re-applies.

You can use chemicals on your own to dissolve stumps but be sure to apply the correct one. Contact Florida Tree Service Pros if you are unsure that you are doing the job yourself.

After a few weeks, we will apply the chemicals in your stump and reapply as well. We will give you advice on which chemicals to use if you wish to do it yourself. For more information please visit our website, and request an appointment.

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